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PKF receives ACCA-approved employer certification

02 Nov 2018

PKF Accountants and Business Advisers has received the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Approved Employer Certificate which will enable the accounting firm develop and implement the requisite training needs of the accounting profession.

Receiving the certificate, the Senior Partner, PKF, Mr Tajudeen Akande, said the certification was significant because of the importance of accountancy to the economy, adding that accountants had a lot to do to sustain the economy and keep it running.

Akande stated, “The accounting profession is key to the economy, so we must work together in that interest. As a profession, the public relies on accountants to ensure that financial reports and other oversight activities should be as reliable as possible. Which means we both must collaborate; the ACCA and other institutions must pay attention to the issue of monitoring of members.

“Those who deal with the consequences of the economic policies, both intended and unintended policies of the fiscal and monetary authorities, are the accountants. Accountants are relevant in every organisation and in every human activity where money is involved.”

He said integrity of professionals was particularly important in Nigeria, being a key economic centre within the global network.

According to him, lack of ethical conducts breeds corruption at the national, local and individual levels.

“Apart from the technical skills we put into people before we certify them, their conduct of being ambassadors of the profession should continue to be ethical. You are as valuable as the public perceives you to be. It is perception. I will feel uncomfortable when people think accountants can do anything,” Akande added.

He advised the association not to condone ethical misconduct, because “what one accountant does ultimately rubs off on others because it is a very sensitive profession.”

While pledging PKF’s support for ACCA training and curriculum development, he said there was a need to develop and implement customised training programmes in areas that clients look forward to such as the International Financial Reporting Standard, taxation and transfer pricing, among others.

The Country Head, ACCA Nigeria, Mr Tom Isibor, who led the team of the professional association to the PKF management and accountants, said the association had been conducting researches to understand the professional needs of the accountant of the future.

He stated, “The ACCA in the last four to five years has done a lot of research to try and understand what accountants of the future or the accounting of the future are looking for; what are the skill sets? What are the business expectations of accountants? We also engaged organisations and employers like yours to try and understand what you are looking for; and because of that, we did a lot of renovations on our qualifications.

“One of the objectives of that is to ensure that accountants that are ACCA-trained have the right competency and also have the right skill sets to become the preferred accountants of the future, because what the research has told us is that a lot of activities that are constantly carried out by accountants may actually be done by apps.”

He added that the professional body had introduced a paper called Strategic Business Leader, which incorporates strategic thinking and the ability to communicate and interact.

Relevance in the future, according to him, is key and in most offices, people don’t work on papers and spreadsheets anymore but on computers.

“So, from next year, every ACCA exam will be conducted on computers,” Isibor added.

Source: Punch Newspaper

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